Catalogue design and layout (click for full issue PDFs)

Layout and design for Riddle Fence (click for full issue PDFs)

memorial university school of music brochures & programs

invites and evites for emma butler gallery

drawn words & written images exhibition mini-catalogue

fundraiser invite

maud karpeles exhibit panels (each 36" X 36") design and layout

douglas reynolds gallery (vancouver) invitation design and photography

douglas reynolds gallery (vancouver) advertisements/photography

bluegrass north magazine design and layout sample pages

bluegrass north magazine advertising and promotional material

Book layouts for Flanker Press (click for preview PDFs)

memorial university school of music display (308" overall length)

opera roadshow folder design and layout

ads for the scope

Handbills and mini-brochures

Heritage Foundation folklore series

Book and Journal Layouts

eastern edge gallery ADVERTISEMENTS

SOUNDshift and ICTM programs

ICTM Conference folder design and layout

international council for traditional music (ictm) promo

north atlantic fiddle convention (nafco) promo